Adoption Policies

The Adoption fee for dogs and puppies is $325.

The Adoption fee for cats and kittens is $150. 

Rescue 1 At A Time places dogs and cats into new forever homes that we feel will be the best fit for the animal.  Our priority is always the long term welfare and happiness of the animal, and as such, meets and adoptions are set up based upon what we feel is the best fit for the animal, not on a first come first served basis.  We require an approved application prior to setting up a meet, and that does include a reference from potential adopter's current veterinarian. 

It is our policy to adopt the animals out to new forever homes micro-chipped, with age appropriate vaccinations, and spayed /neutered. If you are adopting a young puppy or kitten who is not old enough to be yet spayed/neutered, when it is age appropriate you will have the option to call and make an appointment at the Barrie SPCA spay/neuter clinic at 705-734-9882 and have the spay/neuter done (you will want to call well in advance as there is usually a several week waiting list). After the spay/neuter is complete, you can send us the receipt from the clinic to Rescue 1 At A Time and we will refund the cost of the spay/neuter (only the spay/neuter fee). You may also decide to have the spay/neuter done at your own vet. In that instance, send into Rescue 1 At A Time, the vet certificate as proof of procedure being done and we will refund you $50.00 of your adoption fee.  In either case, you have until the puppy or kitten is 15 months of age to have spay/neuter completed, after that Rescue 1 At A Time offers no refund for the spay/neuter of the said animal. 

Discounted adoption fees may also be offered on senior or special needs pet.  This will be noted on the individual pet’s profile.

The adoption process involves an application, vet reference check, and in-person interview where you will meet the pet you are interested in.  We ask that all those who will be living in the home with the pet come to the meet, including dogs.  We may also do meets in potential adopters homes if that works better for everyone. 

Since all of our animals are in foster homes, and both our volunteers' and our fosters' time are limited to do meets, all of those who apply for a specific pet may not have the opportunity to meet with that pet.  Where there are multiple applications on an animal, we will review those applications based upon what best fits the specific needs of that pet and set up meets based on those criteria.  If you are not chosen to meet that specific pet, it does not mean that we don't feel you could provide a good home for a pet, just that your situation may not have been the best fit of the applicants we had on that specific animal, but you may be a perfect fit for a different animal.  We have had hurt feelings from potential adopters in the past because of this, and that is never our intention, but we are here for the animals and finding them a home and family that suits their individual needs has to always be our first priority.